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Total Southern Belle Tomboy Grease Monkey by Tramp-Graphics
Total Southern Belle Tomboy Grease Monkey
 I decided to rework Tommie a bit using Willow for Genesis 2 Female (G2F). [… for Genesis 2 Female[/url] as the base. Since I was already using the shirt from that set, and sometimes the shorts, I figured I might as well convert the character morph to Genesis 1 using Genesis Generation X2, and use it as the base for Tommie as well. She uses the Willow shape at 75% (100% made her head too big) along with the G2F shape at 100% (also converted) combined with various head and body morphs from the Genesis Evolution Morphs sets, as well as the Die Trying's 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis, Ramwolf's Genesis Morphs, Jabba's Pin-up Girl morphs, and AMR Proportion morphs, to finally give her that "cute as a button" face, and big, round, bright blue, "Anime" eyes I've been trying for since I first started using DAZ Studio. 

And this is the resulting new version of Tommie which I will be using in any new pictures going forth.

Another thing I decided to do, in order to make full use of the Willow outfit is to begin adding some much needed functionality morphs to it. So far, and most importantly, I've made some custom open and pull down morphs for the shorts. Further planned morphs will include pocket bulge morphs for the front and back pockets. 
Media: Daz Studio 4.8 Pro

Character and art Copyright © 2015 Michael J. Trampert All Rights Reserved. 

Name: Tommie Jean Davis

Age (at introduction): 17
Height: 5'
Weight: (Approx.) 100 lbs.
Bust: 36" B cup
Waist: 23"
Hips: 38"

Role: Techie

INT: 7, REF: 9, TECH: 10, DEX: 7, COOL: 6, WILL: 6, STR: 6, CON: 6, MOVE: 6, BOD: 7
LUCK: 4, HUM: 90, REC: 6, END: 12, RUN: 12, SPR: 18, SWM: 6, LEAP: 6, HITS: 14, STUN: 35

Jury Rig: 10, Basic Tech: 10, Electronics: 7, Weaponsmith: 4, Electronic Security: 4, Education & General Knowledge: 2, Athletics: 2, Local Knowledge (Alabama): 5, Awareness/Notice: 5, Teaching: 2, Brawling: 2, Dodge and Escape: 2, Persuasion & Fast Talk: 7, Wilderness Survival: 3, Driving: 4, Operate Heavy Machinery: 6, Rifle: 3, Streetwise: 3, Swimming: 2

Perks and Talents: 
Knack (mechanics): +1, Wealth: +1, Beautiful +3

Airhead: -4, Dependent (Brother): -20, Stubborn: -3, Impulsive: -20, Outsider (Country Girl in Big City): -15, Duty (Friends): -3, Distinctive Feature Accent): -15

Winchester M70 (30-06) Rifle: WA: +3, Con: N, AV: C, Damage; 5D6+1, SHTS: 5, RF: 1, REL: VR, RNG, 500m, Cost: 250
Mustang Arms "Raider" 12 gauge shotgun: 
WA: +0, Con: N/L, AV: C, Damage; 4D6, SHTS: 9, RF: 2, REL: ST, RNG, 50m, Cost: 450

Master Mechanic's Tool Kit, Electronics Tool Kit, Techtronica "Mite" Diagnostic Remote, Protective Goggles, Flashlight, Pinamonte Boots (SP 20 feet and ankles), Levi's Bluejean "
Daisy Dukes" shorts (SP 14 lower torso)*, Levi's Work shirt*, Light Armored jacket (SP14 Torso/arms), "Ford" Baseball cap* (SP 12), Massetto "Alessio" Coveralls, Custom Ford F-150 King-cab Monster truck 4x4, Shoulder slings for rifle and shotgun, Rifle ammunition (one box of 100), Shotgun ammunition (4 boxes of 12)

*+2 Wardrobe & Style

Looks can definitely be deceiving. At first glance, one wouldn't assume that this tiny, 5' tall, bubbly, cheerful, outgoing, innocent and naive, "cute as a button", Southern Belle, with big, bright blue eyes and long blonde hair was also an in incurable Tomboy and a master mechanic. The second of three children, Thomasina "Tommie" Jean Davis (Never call her "Thomasina"; she hates it) was named (for the most part) after her grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Davis (her parents were hoping for a boy). Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was seven yeas old, leaving her and her younger brother to be raised by her Grandpa Tom (a widower) in the small town of Allgood , AL, while her older sister joined the US Army. Growing up, Tommie would spend most of her free time helping out in her grandfather's auto repair shop, where it soon became apparent that she had a "gift" for the trade. By the age of 17, she was already a master auto mechanic, and even managed to build a huge F-150 king cab Monster truck (that she affectionately calls Tommie's Li'l Tonka) from the ground up. The rest of the time, aside from school, she'd enjoy going hunting and fishing (and skinny-dipping), in the local woods and streams without a care in the world. This small town conservative southern upbringing without any real female influence, resulted in an incurable tomboy who, even at 17, had never yet had "The Talk" about "the birds and the bees", and whose idea of going out with a guy is "goin' fishin'". That would all change when she met two people who would have the greatest impact on her life; the day she learned of her sister's death in the war. The first was her sisters friend, Maria Angelina Mirandez who, like a surrogate "Big sister", would take Tommie under her wing. The second, was Kuraiyama Kenichi Kageto, an introverted Japanese young man seemingly broken by numerous tragedies in his life, whom Tommie took upon herself to break out of his shell. 

Personality and Motivations:
An incurable Tomboy, Tommie Jean Davis is bubbly, cheerful, friendly, outgoing, innocent, and incredibly naive about the larger world outside of her small town, as well as about boys and the relationships between the sexes. She loves everybody and doesn't have a hateful bone in her body. She's also impulsive, mischievous, and a bit stubborn. This, combined with her naivete and thick Southern drawl, which makes her stick out like a sore thumb in any big city, means she can easily get herself in over her head.  On the other hand, that same innocence along with her natural beauty and "Southern charm" has gotten her out of trouble more than once. Tommie is also very loyal to her friends and family and is never without at least one tool (usually a wrench)in her possession. Woe be to any who touches her beloved tools. 

Rockin' On by Tramp-Graphics
Rockin' On
Well, Here's my entry for the Jun 2015 DAZ Studio forums freebie challenge. 

Ashley and her band, Chrome, rocking hard at their latest concert. 

Rockin' On

All figures Genesis


[… of Satin Shaders[/url] (Ashley’s top, gloves, and tights)*
[… texture set[/url] (Ashley’s dress)*
[… Shader Pack[/url] (chrome on Ashley’s eyes, belt buckles, drummer's thigh and shin armor and visor, and stage, silver shade on Ashley's jacket, skirt, belt, and boots)*
[… Girl Pack[/url] (Ashley)*
[… Tryings 182 Morphs for Genesis[/url] (Ashley)*
[… Generic Anime/Manga Head morph for Genesis[/url] (Ashley)*
[… for V4[/url] (Ashley’s gloves)*
[… for V4[/url] (Ashley's top)
[… Outfit for Victoria 5/Geneisis[/url] (Ashley's jacket)*
[… for Genesis[/url] (Ashley's tights)*
[… for V4[/url] (Ashley' skirt)
[… Belt for M4 Archiaus[/url] (Ashley's belt)*
[… Ankle boots for Genesis[/url] (Ashley's boots)*
[… Treasure Earrings[/url] (Ashley's Earrings)*
[… Pearls and Fans[/url] (Ashley's Earrings)*
[… Santa Stuff (vest)[/url] (Bassit)*
[… BDU pants[/url] (Bassist)*
[… Boots for Genesis[/url] (Bassist)*
[]Ko… Wave Hair (top)[/url] (Bassist)
[… Jazz Bass[/url] (Bassist)*
[… Wave Hair Geometry Correction[/url] (Bassist)*
[… Sickle Trench Coat[/url] (Guitarist)*
[… Bodysuit[/url] (Guitarist)
[… Conforming Belt[/url] (Guitarist)
[… Footwear[/url] (Guitarist)*
[… Hair[/url] (Guitarist)*
[… Metal Ax[/url] (Guitarist)*
[… Vest[/url] (Drummer)*
[… Headgear[/url] (Drummer)*
[… armor for M4 (Pants and leg plates)[/url] (Drummer)*
[… Stage[/url] (stage, microphone stands, amplifiers, speakers, drums, stage lights)*
[… Leather shaders[/url] (all leather textures)*
[… Handy Microphons & Stand set (fifth row second column)[/url] (Guitar Cables for Bassist and Guitarist)

No Count

RAMWork’s Morphs for Genesis by RAMWolf  (Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer)

Paid For Items 

[… International[/url] (Drummer and Guitarist skin textures)
[… Starter Bundle[/url] for Genesis Evolution morphs (All characters)
[… of Summer Hair for Genesis and Genesis 2 Female[/url] (Ashley)
Y'all Think Ya Can Handle Her? by Tramp-Graphics
Y'all Think Ya Can Handle Her?

Tommie’s Li’l Tonka:  Custom Built Ford F-150 Super Crew Monster Truck.

This behemouth was lovingly built from the ground up by young Tommie Jean Davis during her free time over the course of several months. Starting with a junker Ford F-150 Super Crew 4x4 pickup, she reenforced the frame, added a roll cage, threw in a supercharged V8 Diesel engine tweeked for both added horsepower and fuel efficiency (20 mpg), then decked this beast out with huge 54” tires and 24”  Solid Axle Conversion lift, roof mounted fog lights, a 30 gallon fuel tank, leather interior, front bucket and rear bench seats which combined can seat four to five large adults comfortably, slamming paint job,  and personalized plates.

Top Speed: 282 mph                                                                                                                                                              ACC/DEC: 15 mph/40 mph

Crew: 1 (Bod 8 or Bod 10                                                                                                                                                        Range: 1000 km/600 miles

Passnegers: 4 (Bod 8) or 3 (Bod 10)                                                                                                                                        Cargo: 3 spaces (1400 kg)

Maneuver: -2                                                                                                                                                                            Body SDP: 112 (Body 5)

SP: 40 (Armor 2)                                                                                                                                                                                            Type: Pickup

Wheels/Treads SDP: 20/40 each (Body 1/2)                                                                                                               Wheels/Treads SP: 40 (Armor 2)

Mass: 3.96 Tons                                                                                                                                                                                     Cost: $195,200*

Special Equipment: Fully Off Road Capable with Supersized heavily treaded tires (no speed loss off-road), Supercharged engine, desert and arctic protection, Stereo, Anti-theft, Spotlights (500m), Design/Decor (+3 COOL), sensor/communications system (Navigation system, Light ampliphiers, diagnistics, military grade radar dectector, military grade radar (40km), 500km range radio)

Media DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro.

One on One Training by Tramp-Graphics
One on One Training
Here's my entry for the Daz forums May 2014 Freebie Challenge:

Kageto decides to try teaching Tommie some basic Martial Arts techniques. What could possibly go wrong? 

One on One Training

Both Figures Genesis


[… V4 morphs for Genesis[/url] (Tommie, Kageto)*
[… General Purpose Anime Team Morphs[/url] (Tommie, Kageto)*
[… Proportion Morphs for Genesis[/url] (Tommie, Kageto)
[… Girl Pack[/url] (Tommie)*
[… Shader Pack[/url] (Chrome shaders—with reflection maps removed) (Tommie's watch, necklace)*
[… My Heart Pendant (11th down)[/url] (Tommie)
[… Wrist Watch[/url] (Tommie)*
[… Shui Enamel Shaders[/url] (Tommie's Obi[full texture] and Yukata [bump/displacement map only])*
[… Wrist Watch[/url] (Tommie)*
[… for V4[/url]* (Tommie's skin)*
[]Ella V4[/url] (Tommie's eyes)*
[… Baseball cap[/url] (Tommie)*
[… (with custom weight mapping to work with Genesis)[/url] (Tommie)
[… Kimono for V4[/url] (Tommie's obi)*
[… Martial Arts Poses for V4 (4th row 4th column[/url] (Tommie)
[… Accessories([/url] Headband) (Kageto)*
[… EVAN Expansion set[/url] (Kageto's cyberarms)*
[… shaders[/url] (Kageto’s obi Kimono, Hakama, tabi, headband, and hilt wrappings, Tommie's Yukata)*
[… Set for M3[/url] (Kageto's Daisho on rack)*
[… Shine Shader pack[/url] (Kageto's Saya, cyberarms,)*
[… Hair for Genesis[/url] (Kageto)*
[… items from Hisayan Image Labs[/url] (clothes converted to fit Genesis):
4th down: Kozure_Okami for M3—[converted to fit manually in Hexagon] (Kageto's Hakama)
5th down: Yagyu for M4—[fit via Transfer Utility] (Kageto's kimono, obi, and Tabi)

Paid For Items

[… Starter Bundle[/url] (For Genesis Evolution head and body Morphs) (Both characters)
[… International[/url] (Kageto)
[… Asian Interior Construction Kit[/url] (Dojo)

No-Count Items

Sallie Mae Hair [comes with DAZ Studio 4] (Tommie)
Eve Of Dawn Outfit [Renderosity Christmas 2013 freebie] (Tommie)
Ramwolf's Genesis Morphs (both figures)

I am not feeling good right now. I broke my left shoulder last night, and, what makes it worse is I'm left-handed. It's an upper humeral head fracture, and, as a result, I can't move my upper arm at all.

Update time.

It's two weeks in and it is getting better—slowly. It's a greater tuberocity fracture (a small part of the bone on the outside of the humerus head where most of the muscles and tendons attach). Luckily, there was no displacement of the two fragments that broke off. I'm supposed to start passive pendulum swing therapy at home on Tuesday, with my first actual physical therapy session on Thursday. Most of the bruising is gone too. My whole bicep was black and blue. There is still the chance that there is tendon damage in the rotator cuff. There's almost certainly some muscle damage. I won't know to what extent until they do an MRI, and they won't do that until the bone is healed, so that there is a solid anchor for the muscles and tendons. It's gonna be a loooooong recovery.


Well, Four weeks in and the bone is healing nicely and I'm out of the immobilizer and into a normal sling. My range of movement is increasing too and I can now move my shoulder some without too much risk. I should be out of the sling in the next four weeks.


I'm finally out of the sling. The bone is pretty much healed, so now it's all about the rotator cuff getting better and stronger (if there's no serious soft tissue damage). I'm getting an MRI done some time within the next month to see if the tendons and muscles are damaged too bad.


I'm a little late with this update, but...
I went to see my Orthopedist last week, and finally got the results of the MRI. I do not need surgery. Thank God. w00t! 
That being said, there is some minor fraying and some sight tearing to two of the tendons. Luckily, they're very minor and not all the way through. I will have them the rest of my life, though. I even saw the scarring from my old Bursitis. While My orthopedist expects me to regain full range of motion, I will likely always have some pain in my shoulder for the rest of my life. My work restrictions have been lessened too. I'm now cleared to do some light pushing and pulling with my left arm, and my weight lifting restriction has gone from 5 lbs to 15 lbs. I still can't do any overhead work though.

Anyway, I still have a long way to go, but slowly, it's getting better bit by bit. My next appointment isn't until October.  Expect a new update then.


Well, I had my final Orthopedist visit on the 21st, and I'm off restrictions as of 1 November. The bones and tendons are pretty much as healed as they're going to get, and there is no danger of damaging them more from normal activity. I do still need to build up my strength. I have about 85% range of motion now in my left shoulder, which is more than I expected to get back. There is still a chance I'll regain more range of motion, but I'm doubtful. I am getting a new compression sleeve to provide extra support for my shoulder when working, and am looking forward to that.
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Michael J. Trampert
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I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer from the Buffalo, NY area, and have spent the past few years working with a co-op of printers, photographers and artists called Virtual Art. I have Associate Degrees in Cartooning and Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Bryant & Stratton College respectively. I work primarily in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, as well as traditional artistic media, and have access to full printing and pre-press services.

I'm taking commissions --private or for businesses-- to do illustrations, graphic design, cartooning, etc. I can also design corporate logos, stationary, page layouts, ads, package designs, comic books, book covers, and character renderings. 

You will find my rates very reasonable. All work is quoted on a per job basis.

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