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Shotgun by Tramp-Graphics
Delta Force CSM Steven Harrison Panther, The Night Warrior, takes out another cybered up gang-banger, this time with a 12 gauge semi-automatic combat shotgun. 

This is the first render with the new shotgun I recently modeled and rigged. It has four morphs to make it "fully functional", including cocking back the bolt, Bolt action firing, pulling the trigger, and safety on/off. It also has a removable magazine. 

DAZ Studio 4 Pro.
Shotgun and back holster (for shotgun) modeled in Hexagon 2.5
Sweet-Dreams by Tramp-Graphics
Well, here's my entry for this month's contest:

It's late at night and Tommie sleeps peacefully. What does Tommie dream about? 

Why, little "machine guys" of course.

Sweet Dreams

Figure used

Freebie Items

[… Tryings 182 Morphs for Genesis[/url] (Tommie)*
[… Girl Pack[/url] (Tommie)*
[… Generic Anime/Manga Head morph for Genesis[/url] (Tommie)*
[… Shader pack[/url]: (Gold on Tommie's necklace, brass on Lamp and Nightstand)*
[… My Heart Pendant (11th down)[/url] (Tommie)
[… for V4[/url]* (Tommie's skin)*
[… of Satin Shaders[/url] (Bedsheets}*
[… Baseball cap[/url] (on headboard corner)*
[… Living room for Poser[/url] (bedroom)*
[… Texture set for Complete Living Room[/url]* Bedroom)*
[… Furniture[/url] (Furniture)
[… and Casual for Genesis[/url] (Tommie's shirt)*
[… Casual Undies[/url] (Tommie's panties)*
[… City Blocks 1-10[/url] (skydome and city)
[]Emotigu… (Dream character)*
[… Night Fantasic Beadspreads[/url] (Bed Spread)*
[… Bed[/url] (pillows)*

Paid For Items

[… Starter Bundle[/url] for Genesis Evolution morphs (All characters)
[]Marja Hair[/url] (Tommie)

No-Count Items
Wheelie: Daz Christmas Freebie (Dream character)
Tanky Daz: Christmas Freebie (Dream character)

Who Says Metal's Better than Meat? by Tramp-Graphics
Who Says Metal's Better than Meat?
There's an old adage among Cyberpunks: "Metal is better than meat". the idea being that the more Cybered up you are, the better. Well, US Army Delta Force Command Sergeant Major, Steven Harrison Panther proves that adage flat out wrong after taking down some 'borged out Cyberpsycho without having any cybernetics himself. "So", he asks, "who says, 'Metal's Better Than Meat'?"
In the Dojo by Tramp-Graphics
In the Dojo
Kageto stands in his family dojo after having just finished some sword katas.

This ia my first completed piece using this great new set:…

The entire dojo, inside and out (aside from the roof (which you can't see in this picture), and weapons racks, is built from this set. 

Media: Daz Studio 4 Pro.

Kuraiyama Kenichi "Kageto" (lit: Shadowblade)

Role: Shinobi

INT: 9, REF: 10, TECH: 4, DEX: 8, COOL: 7, WILL: 8, STR: 7, CON: 9, MOVE: 10, BOD: 9
LUCK: 9, HUM: 90/72, REC: 8, END: 18, RUN: 20, SPR: 30, SWM: 10, LEAP: 10, HITS: 18, STUN: 45

Martial Arts (Ninjutsu): 8, Awareness/Notice: 7, Hide/Evade: 4, Shadow/Track: 6, Stealth: 6, Athletics: 6, Education/Gen Knowledge: 3, Mathmatics: 3, History: 3, First Aid: 4, Swimming: 2, Kenjutsu (Niten Ichi-Ryu) 8, Archery: 6, Teaching: 6, Disguise: 5, Pick Locks: 4, Electronic Security: 4, Social Ettiquette (Japanese Taditional): 8, Calligraphy (Kanji): 2, Origami: 2, Persuasion: 2, Wilderness Survival: 4, Language (Japanese): 8 (Native), Language (English): 3

Perks & Talents: Combat Sense (Nindo): 9, Intuition, Light Sleeper, Membership Shinobi Clan: 8, Membership team: 4, Wealth: 6

Mortal Enemy (Onikage-gumi Yakuza): -25, Code of Honor (Bushido/Nindo): -30, Duty (Team): -25, Stubborn: -10, Bad Temper: -2, Distinctive Feature (accent): -6, Shy: -2


500+ year old masterwork heirloom Tamahagane steel Katana: WA: +2, Con: N, AV: R, DAMAGE: 3D6* (1/2 Hard), REL: VR, RNG: 1m, Cost: NA
500+ year old Masterwork heirloom Tamahagane steel Wakizashi: WA: +1, Con: L, AV: R, DAMAGE: 2D6+3* 91/2 Hard), REL: VR, RNG: 1m, Cost: NA
500+ year old Masterwork heirloom, Tamahagane steel Tanto: WA: +1, CON: J, AV: R, DAMAGE: 1D6* (1/2 Hard), REL: VR, RNG: 1m, Cost: NA
Juji-Shuriken (10): WA: +0, COn: P, QV; C, DAMAGE: 1D6/2*, REL: NA, RNG: Throw, Cost: 2-3
Bo-Shuriken (10): WA: +0, Con: P, AV: C, DAMAGE: 1D6*, REL: NA, RNG: Throw, Cost: 4-7
Eagletech "Wildcat" recurve bow w/ broadhead arrows: WA: +0, Con: N, AV: E, Damage; 3D6 x2*, SHTS: 12, RF: 1, REL: VR, RNG, 100m, Cost: 35/40
Ninja Smoke Pellets: WA: +0, CON: P, AV: C, DAMAGE: 3m Obscured vison, SHTS: 5, ROF: 1, REL: NA, RNG: Throw, Cost 25

Equipment: B&E Tools, Futon: Cell Phone, Carry Bag, Gibson BattleGear Bodysuit (SP 10 Torso/Legs)** Eji of Japan Spider Silk Hooded Kataginu (SP 14 Torso/Head)**, Eji of Japan Jika Tabi**, Eji of Japan Spider Silk Hachimaki (SP 12 Head), Gibson Battlegear Utility Belt**, Takanaka Spider Silk Kimono (SP 10 Torso/Arms)***, Takanaka Spider Silk Unamori Hakama*** with Obi, (SP 14 Legs), Takanaka Spider Silk Kataginu (SP 14 Torso)***,Takanaka Tabi Socks***, Takanaka Zori Sandals ***

Cyberware: Armored Standard Cyber Arms w/ standard hands (SP 20)

* AP
** +2 Wardrobe & Style
*** +3 Wardrobe & Style

Kuraiyama Kenichi Kageto was born the first son to the heir of the Kuraiyama family, an ancient Shinobi clan of the Samurai class from Iga Province dating back over 500 years to their founder, Kuraiyama Kenji Kageto, from whom Kenichi takes his common name. , and still maintain their hidden estate, Dojo, and training grounds below the southern slopes of Mt Kasatori between the modern cities of Iga and Nabari on the Aoyama Plateau. Since childhood, he has been raised and trained by private tutors until he began high school (at one of the region's most prestigious schools) to succeed his grandfather as head of the clan following the murder of his parents by the Onikage-gumi Yakuza. He has a younger brother and sister. Extremely talented in the Shinobi arts, Kageto had already attained the rank of Jonin by the age of 18. After graduation from High school, he was sent by his grandfather, along with his mentor and a bodyguard, to the Middle East war zone on a trade negotiation with José Carlos Mirandez—head of Buccaneer Enterprises (an international weapons and technology consortium), who was in currently in the region at the time. The mission would see them betrayed by their bodyguard, his mentor's torture and death at the hands of the enemy "Caliphate" forces , his being stranded behind enemy lines for nearly a year along with a ragtag group of survivors—consisting of Mirandez, the man's daughter, Maria, and Marc Helrich (a big Australian gun-runner who would soon become his best friend, and surrogate "older brother"), and several escaped "POWs" lead by a Delta Force Command Sergeant Major—and the loss of his arms to his mentor's murderer before finally escaping the war zone and being taken to the US. It is in the US, at age 19, with new cybernetic arms (made by Maria), that he would meet someone who would become the most important person in his life from that point forward—Tommie Jean Davis, a young, innocent Alabama "tomboy" who has taken it upon herself to "break him out of his shell"— as well as become embroiled in an Onikage plot which could have far reaching consequences for him, his friends, his clan, and the world.

Personality and motivations: The events in Kageto's life has resulted in an individual of sullen, quiet, and introverted temperment who does not make friends easily. However, when he does, they become family whom he would lay down his life for. Stubborn, grumpy, and more than a bit "pig-headed", he also has a very strong sense of tradition, honor, and duty, and will stop at nothing to keep his word, fulfill his objectives, and live up to his code. His passion for tradition also affects his sense of style. He is most comfortable in traditional Japanese clothing, and his back is covered in a traditionally done Irezumi tattoo which extends from the tops of his shoulders to his waist. His most prized possession is his Daisho—a matched katana and wakizashi, forged together by a master swordsmith more than 500 years ago, and first wielded by the founder of his family.
I am not feeling good right now. I broke my left shoulder last night, and, what makes it worse is I'm left-handed. It's an upper humeral head fracture, and, as a result, I can't move my upper arm at all.

Update time.

It's two weeks in and it is getting better—slowly. It's a greater tuberocity fracture (a small part of the bone on the outside of the humerus head where most of the muscles and tendons attach). Luckily, there was no displacement of the two fragments that broke off. I'm supposed to start passive pendulum swing therapy at home on Tuesday, with my first actual physical therapy session on Thursday. Most of the bruising is gone too. My whole bicep was black and blue. There is still the chance that there is tendon damage in the rotator cuff. There's almost certainly some muscle damage. I won't know to what extent until they do an MRI, and they won't do that until the bone is healed, so that there is a solid anchor for the muscles and tendons. It's gonna be a loooooong recovery.


Well, Four weeks in and the bone is healing nicely and I'm out of the immobilizer and into a normal sling. My range of movement is increasing too and I can now move my shoulder some without too much risk. I should be out of the sling in the next four weeks.


I'm finally out of the sling. The bone is pretty much healed, so now it's all about the rotator cuff getting better and stronger (if there's no serious soft tissue damage). I'm getting an MRI done some time within the next month to see if the tendons and muscles are damaged too bad.


I'm a little late with this update, but...
I went to see my Orthopedist last week, and finally got the results of the MRI. I do not need surgery. Thank God. w00t! 
That being said, there is some minor fraying and some sight tearing to two of the tendons. Luckily, they're very minor and not all the way through. I will have them the rest of my life, though. I even saw the scarring from my old Bursitis. While My orthopedist expects me to regain full range of motion, I will likely always have some pain in my shoulder for the rest of my life. My work restrictions have been lessened too. I'm now cleared to do some light pushing and pulling with my left arm, and my weight lifting restriction has gone from 5 lbs to 15 lbs. I still can't do any overhead work though.

Anyway, I still have a long way to go, but slowly, it's getting better bit by bit. My next appointment isn't until October.  Expect a new update then.


Well, I had my final Orthopedist visit on the 21st, and I'm off restrictions as of 1 November. The bones and tendons are pretty much as healed as they're going to get, and there is no danger of damaging them more from normal activity. I do still need to build up my strength. I have about 85% range of motion now in my left shoulder, which is more than I expected to get back. There is still a chance I'll regain more range of motion, but I'm doubtful. I am getting a new compression sleeve to provide extra support for my shoulder when working, and am looking forward to that.
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Michael J. Trampert
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer from the Buffalo, NY area, and have spent the past few years working with a co-op of printers, photographers and artists called Virtual Art. I have Associate Degrees in Cartooning and Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Bryant & Stratton College respectively. I work primarily in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, as well as traditional artistic media, and have access to full printing and pre-press services.

I'm taking commissions --private or for businesses-- to do illustrations, graphic design, cartooning, etc. I can also design corporate logos, stationary, page layouts, ads, package designs, comic books, book covers, and character renderings. 

You will find my rates very reasonable. All work is quoted on a per job basis.

I will send proofs of all work for approval or changes and an invoice to be sent upon completion of the work.
All work must be paid for prior to delivery.
I accept Paypal

Current Residence: Buffalo, NY
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Celtic folk rock,
Operating System: Mac OS X

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