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Memories of the War by Tramp-Graphics
Memories of the War

Well, Here's my entry for thMay 2016 DAZ freebie Challenge. And this was all done in DAZ, no postwork.

Memories of the War

Frpm the journal of Maria Mirandez: “ It’s hard to believe the war has been raging for nearly twenty years already.  It began with the attacks on New York and Washington and escalated from there.  Now it has encompassed the entire Middle East and most of the rest of the world.  Thousands upon thousands have already died, and thousands more will die in the months and years to come.  How long will it last?  I wish I knew.  All I know is it has been a time of pain and loss for many, and a time of great heroism as well.  But, it is the past year that I remember the most: A time of great personal trial and hardship. When a small group of civilians and escaped POWs, lost and alone, were trapped behind enemy lines and one mysterious warrior fought to lead us home.”

All figures Genesis


Die Trying’s 182 V4 morphs for Genesis (all characters)*
Ultimate Shader pack: (Chrome and Metallics on Panther's uniform)*

Super Shine Shader pack (Panther's Armor )*
R72 Leather shaders (Panther's boots, gloves,straps, gunbelt,)*
REC Weaponry Shaders (Panther's Boot Soles,ISIS Soldiers' rifles)

Rosalie Rose (Maria)*

Kwerki Outfit (Maria)*

Cuffed Heeled Boots (Maria)*

Sky Dome (skies)*

Sky Dome Expansion 2 (Sunset)*

Hoop Earings for #Dream's Lusitana (Maria's Earrings)*

Tyrese for M4 (ISIS Soldiers)*

In The Hood (ISIS Soldiers)*

Mountie Set for M4  (ISIS Soldiers)*

VA-EM-01 Assault Rifle (ISIS Soldiers)*

Bossy Boots for Genesis (ISIS Soldiers)*

Combat Pants and Shirt for Genesis 2 Male  (ISIS Soldiers, Panther)*

Adventure Cloth  (Desert Camouflage texture only) (ISIS Soldiers)*

NOMAD Pistol  (Panther)

Overalls for Genesis 2 Male  (POWs)*

Sky Dome Expansion 1 (Full Moon Night Sky)

World Machine Waterfall/Moonbase (Maria's sunset cliff)*

TheCliff and the Lillies (Cliff over Desert POW camp, overhang over mine entrance)

Green Gestalt Land Pack (POW Camp)*

 Distant Lands pt 1
 Distant Lands pt 2
 Distant Lands pt 3
 Distant Lands pt 4
 Distant Lands pt 5
 Distant Lands pt 6 (Desert POW Camp) [all six links are one item]*

Cave  (mine shaft)*

Rough Lagoon (6 down) (Mine exterior)

Biblical 2 Story House V1 (POW Camp)*

Biblical 2 Story House V2  (POW Camp)*

Biblical House 2  (POW Camp)*

Biblical House 3 (POW Camp)*

KerWar's Fancies (POW Camp buildings' Window grates)*

US Pickup Truck (Truck)*

Post Apocalyptic Vehicle Accessory Pack (Truck)*

Speedlights Outdoor lights (Ligthing and cameras --switched to Raytraced shadows)

Paid For Items

Ancient Tempe Kit (buildings' doors)

Marja Hair for Genesis (Maria)

M4 Hero Pack (Panther's cloak)

No-Count Items

RamWolf's Freebie Morphs for Genesis No longer Available (All characters)

Genesis Evolution Head Morphs and Body Morphs (All characters)

Opera Cloak custom made by me (Maria)

Night Warrior Jacket custom by me (Panther)

Biker Boots custom by me (Panther)

Night Warrior Shin-guards custom by me (Panther)

Gunbelt custom by me (Panther)

Combat Shotgun custom  made by me (Panther)

Yokai Forest by Tramp-Graphics
Yokai Forest

Well, here's my entry for the DAZ forums April 2016 Freebie Art Challenge. 

Yokai Forest

TOMMIE: "Kenichi, Ah ca-an't believe how pretty th' forests are 'round he-ah."

KAGETO: "Hai, Tommie-chan, But Tommie-chan must be very careful, Forest said to be full of Yokai, some friendly, some mischeivous, other, very dangerous, and even evil. Kitsune, Kappa, and Yosei** and more. Kageto's great ancestor slew many Oni in this forest."

**Japanese fairy

All characters (except Kappa) Genesis Base


Die_trying's V4 morphs for Genesis (Tommie, Kageto, Yosei)*
Pin-up Girl Pack (Tommie)*
Ghastly's General Purpose Anime Team Morphs ( Kageto, Yosei, Kitsune)*

Ghastly's Big Eye Anime Team Morphs (Yosei, Kitsune)*
Ultimate Shader Pack (Chrome shaders—with reflection maps removed—for Tommie's wristwatch and necklace)*
V4 Wrist Watch (Tommie)*
Ella V4 (Tommie's eyes)*
Sandra for V4* (Tommie's skin)*
Samantha Hair for Genesis (Kageto)*
Windwalkler Accessories (Headband) (Kageto)*

Geta and Setta for G2M (Kageto)*

Satin shaders (Kageto’s headband, kimono, hakama, obi)*
Super Shine Shader pack (Kageto's, cyberarms and Daisho saya)*

HFS EVAN Expansion set (Kageto's cyberarms)*

Katana Set for M3 (Kageto's Daisho)*

Two items from Hisayan Image Labs (clothes converted to fit Genesis):
4th down: Kozure_Okami for M3—[converted to fit manually in Hexagon] (Kageto's Hakama)
5th down: Yagyu for M4—[fit via Transfer Utility] (Kageto's kimono, obi, and Tabi)

 Love Fairy Outfit (Yosei wings and skin)*
V4 Love Fairy sa texture set (Yosei)*

Jodi for Genesis (Yosei)*

Yukata for V4 (Yosei)

Zipper Ninja Outfit (Yosei)*

Foxy Sorceress (Kitsune)*

Mars Hair top row on right (Kitsune)

Lisa Ann for Genesis (Kitsune)*

Akina for A4 (Kitsune)*

Kappa (seven down) (Kappa)…Lake Beach (Forest)

Trees by D-JPP (Trees)*

Sky Dome (sky)*

Porsimo's Morphing Ground and Textures Second and third boxes six links total (Ground and water)

Forest Pond (Background hill)*

Paid For Items

Ryuu International (Kageto)
Willow for Genesis 2 Female (Tommie)

Furisode for Genesis  Tommie's and Kitsune's Furisode and Zori, Tommie's Yosie's and  Kitsune's obi, and obijime, Tommie's Kageto's and Kitsune's Tabi)

No-count Items

Genesis Evolution Head Morphs and Body Morphs (Both characters)
Ramwolf's Freebie Morphs for Genesis (All characters)*
Kataginu (Kageto)

All-American by Tramp-Graphics
This was a commissioned piece I just finished for a client for her Husband. She wanted a very patriotic Red-White and Blue "American" theme with mountains in the background and Old Glory and an American Eagle as the main focus, along with a Chevy car (her husband loves Chevy). 
The Morning After by Tramp-Graphics
The Morning After

This was my contest entry for the January 2016 DAZ Forums Freebie Challenge:

In a scene from my Night Warrior comic(still being written):. Deep in the deserts of the Middle East war zone already for three months, Marc and Maria had spent the night on a high plateau overlooking. As the sun rose above the howrizon, Maria awoke to find Marc scanning the horizon. It looks like trouble in the distance...

The Morning After

Both Characters Genesis Base




Die Trying’s 182 V4 morphs for Genesis (all characters)*
Ultimate Shader pack: (Chrome on Marc’s cyber hand, Metallics and chrome on L.O.C.I. bike)*


Glass Shader Presets (LO.C.I.) 


Super Shine Shader pack (L.O.C.I. paint job )*
R72 Leather shaders (Marc's pants and belt)*
REC Weaponry Shaders (Marc's Boot Soles,)
Ashlan for M4 (Marc's skin texture)*

Rosalie Rose (Maria)*

Open Front Shirt Part One and Part Twp (Maria)*

Sci-Fi Binoculars (Marc)*

HFS EVAN Expansion set with custom trans maps (Marc's Cyberhand)*

Beach Towel (Top) (Blanket)

Fabricator Knit Shaders (Blanket)*

Generic Missile Pack (micro-missiles in bike side pods)*

Sky Dome (sky)*

Sky Dome Expansion 2 (Sunrise)*

World Machine Waterfall/Moonbase (Plateau)*

 Distant Lands pt 1
 Distant Lands pt 2
 Distant Lands pt 3
 Distant Lands pt 4
 Distant Lands pt 5
 Distant Lands pt 6 (Desert) [all six links are one item]*


No-Count Items


L.O.C.I. Custom bike by me (Motorcycle)*

Genesis Mullet No Longer Available (Marc)

RamWolf's Freebie Morphsfor Genesis No longer Available (Both characters)

Genesis Evolution Head Morphs and Body Morphs (Both characters)


Paid For Items


Marja Hair for Genesis (Maria)

JeanZ for V4 (Marc)

Speed Lights Outdoor set 1 (set to Ray Traced) (lighting)


I am not feeling good right now. I broke my left shoulder last night, and, what makes it worse is I'm left-handed. It's an upper humeral head fracture, and, as a result, I can't move my upper arm at all.

Update time.

It's two weeks in and it is getting better—slowly. It's a greater tuberocity fracture (a small part of the bone on the outside of the humerus head where most of the muscles and tendons attach). Luckily, there was no displacement of the two fragments that broke off. I'm supposed to start passive pendulum swing therapy at home on Tuesday, with my first actual physical therapy session on Thursday. Most of the bruising is gone too. My whole bicep was black and blue. There is still the chance that there is tendon damage in the rotator cuff. There's almost certainly some muscle damage. I won't know to what extent until they do an MRI, and they won't do that until the bone is healed, so that there is a solid anchor for the muscles and tendons. It's gonna be a loooooong recovery.


Well, Four weeks in and the bone is healing nicely and I'm out of the immobilizer and into a normal sling. My range of movement is increasing too and I can now move my shoulder some without too much risk. I should be out of the sling in the next four weeks.


I'm finally out of the sling. The bone is pretty much healed, so now it's all about the rotator cuff getting better and stronger (if there's no serious soft tissue damage). I'm getting an MRI done some time within the next month to see if the tendons and muscles are damaged too bad.


I'm a little late with this update, but...
I went to see my Orthopedist last week, and finally got the results of the MRI. I do not need surgery. Thank God. w00t! 
That being said, there is some minor fraying and some sight tearing to two of the tendons. Luckily, they're very minor and not all the way through. I will have them the rest of my life, though. I even saw the scarring from my old Bursitis. While My orthopedist expects me to regain full range of motion, I will likely always have some pain in my shoulder for the rest of my life. My work restrictions have been lessened too. I'm now cleared to do some light pushing and pulling with my left arm, and my weight lifting restriction has gone from 5 lbs to 15 lbs. I still can't do any overhead work though.

Anyway, I still have a long way to go, but slowly, it's getting better bit by bit. My next appointment isn't until October.  Expect a new update then.


Well, I had my final Orthopedist visit on the 21st, and I'm off restrictions as of 1 November. The bones and tendons are pretty much as healed as they're going to get, and there is no danger of damaging them more from normal activity. I do still need to build up my strength. I have about 85% range of motion now in my left shoulder, which is more than I expected to get back. There is still a chance I'll regain more range of motion, but I'm doubtful. I am getting a new compression sleeve to provide extra support for my shoulder when working, and am looking forward to that.
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Michael J. Trampert
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer from the Buffalo, NY area, and have spent the past few years working with a co-op of printers, photographers and artists called Virtual Art. I have Associate Degrees in Cartooning and Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Bryant & Stratton College respectively. I work primarily in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, as well as traditional artistic media, and have access to full printing and pre-press services.

I'm taking commissions --private or for businesses-- to do illustrations, graphic design, cartooning, etc. I can also design corporate logos, stationary, page layouts, ads, package designs, comic books, book covers, and character renderings. 

You will find my rates very reasonable. All work is quoted on a per job basis.

I will send proofs of all work for approval or changes and an invoice to be sent upon completion of the work.
All work must be paid for prior to delivery.
I accept Paypal

Current Residence: Buffalo, NY
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Celtic folk rock,
Operating System: Mac OS X

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