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Kuraiyama-Mon by Tramp-Graphics
This bit of Japanese heraldry is the family mon for the Kuraiyama Shinobi clan, it is also used as the logo for the family run Zaibatzu. 

Media: Adobe Illustrator

©2016 Michael J. Trampert All Rights Reserved

Buccaneer-Industries-Logo by Tramp-Graphics
This is the logo for the fictional Weapons company, Buccaneer industries, run by my Character Jose Carlos Mirandez, the Buccaneer, and has its origins with his own father's black market weapons operation, before being taken "legit". It produces superior weapons for many military forces around the world, employing some of the finest weapons designers available. 

Media: Adobe Illustrator

©2016 Michael J. Trampert All Rights Reserved

Angelina-Cybernetics-Logo by Tramp-Graphics
This logo design I did for the fictional Cybernetics company Angelina Cybernetics, named for (and run by) my Character, Dr. Maria Angelina Mirandez, MD PhD, daughter of Jose Carlos Mirandez, the Buccaneer. It is a subsidiary of Buccaneer Industries and produces some of the finest Cybernetic prostheses you can get. 

Media: Adobe Illustrator

©2016 Michael J. Trampert All Rights Reserved

Marc Helrich Hell-Rider by Tramp-Graphics
Marc Helrich Hell-Rider
Marc Helrich "Hell Rider"

Age: 22 (at introduction)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: approx 225
Shoulders: 23"
Chest: 56"
Waist: 40"

Role: Runner

INT: 9, REF: 10, TECH: 8, DEX:8, COOL: 8, WILL: 8, STR: 10, CON: 8, MOVE 8, BOD: 10
LUCK 5, HUM 60/53, REC:9, END: 16, RUN:16, SPR: 24, SWM: 8, LEAP: 8, HITS: 20, STUN: 50

Awareness/Notice: 7, Dodge and Escape: 6, Athletics: 6, Education/Gen Knowledge: 2, Teaching: 2,Shadow/Track: 4, Wilderness Survival: 8, Handgun: 5, Rifle: 4, Gunnery: 7, Heavy Weapons: 5, Persuasion: 2, Brawling: 5, Local Knowledge (Australian Outback): 4, Language (English): 8 (Native), Motorcycle: 8,Pilot (Fixed Wing): 8,Pilot Vectored Thrust): 8,Basic Tech: 7,Aero Tech: 5, AV Tech: 5,Resist Torture/Drugs: 4, Streetwise: 5, Endurance: 5

Perks & Talents: Vehicle Zen: 9, Family: 6, Rapid Healing, Direction Sense, High Pain Threshold, Handsome: 1, Membership (Buccaneer Industries): 7 , Renown 6, Wealth: 4

Dependent: Infant Son: -30, Dependent: Wife: -20, Enemy: Argus Glaive: -25, Duty (Team): -25, Duty (Company): -25, Duty (Nomad Family): -15, Enemy (corp): -15, Impulsive: -10, Distinctive Feature (Size): -6, Distinctive Feature (Accent): -6, Distinctive Feature (Cyberhand): -3, Obsessed (bike): -4, Lost Hand (replaced with cyberhand): -3, Airhead: -3


Sternmeyer P-35 pistols (x2)
WA: 0, Con: J, Avail:C, Damage: 3D6, Shots: 8, RoF: 2, Rel: VR, Range: 50

Militech Ronin: 
WA: +1, Con: N, Avail: C, Damage: 5D6, Shots: 35, Rof: 3/30, Rel: VR, Range" 400, 

Equipment: Indepenent Cyberhand (SUPR, DC, LPK, ML, MS), Mastoid Commo, Mini Cell phone with service, Health Coverage, Trauma Team coverage, Kev/leather Action Jacket (SP 16 torso/arms), Kev/leather motorcycle pants (SP 16 legs), Flight Suit (SP 16 Torso/Arms/Legs), Motocross Armor (SP 25 Torso/Arms/lLegs, EV -2), Icon America Gunbelt, LEather motorcycle boots (SP 4 feet)LEather gunfighter hat (SP 4) head, Leather fingerless glove (SP 4 hands) IR Poncho, Smart Helmet (SP 18 Head) (LL, IR, TS), Framed Backpack, Personal Canteen, Large Tent, Backpack Stove, Gun Cleaning Kit, Entrenching Tool, Basic Tool Kit, Sleeping Bag, Bungee Cords, Gas Mask, Assault Rifle Ammo(box 100), Heavy Pistol Ammo (box 50), L.O.C.I. Motorcycle*, Wraith Striker VTOL Stealth Fighter*

*Company Property

Along with an older brother, a twin brother, and younger sister, Marc Helrich grew up in a Nomad pack in the Australian Outback to :Outrider" parents and grew up constantly around various vehicles. It soon became apparent he had a "gift" for driving, and it soon became apparent that there wasn't any kind of vehicle he couldn't drive or pilot. He eventually went to work for Jose Carlos Mirandez, becoming his top Runner, often either operating the L.O.C.I. motorcycle or the Wraith Striker jet. Following a delivery of weapons to anti-Caliphate rebels, Marc rescued a young Shinobi from Caliphate forces, and took him to meet his boss on board his ship currently in the Gulf. When Mirandez' daughter, Maria, was attacked in her room by Argus Glaive, Marc, Mirandez, and Kageto went to save her. In the confrontation, Glaive crushed Marc's right hand bare-handed before being driven off. An attack by the enemy forced them all to abandon ship in the Wraith, and escape into the mountains where they met up with the Night Warrior, and, following a hand replacement, began engaging in combat and recon missions. He also admitted his feelings for Maria, making love to her, which resulted in a pregnancy. When Maria and her friend Jena were abducted by Glaive, Marc and the team would have to spend the next few months tracking them down and mounting a final rescue mission, during which, Maria would go into labor, and give birth to a son. 

Personality and Motivations. 

Part Han Solo, part Crocodile Dundee, with a Dash of Bill and Ted for Flavor, Marc Helrich is a big, lovable goof. Marc is generally friendly and outgoing, and likes most people and having a good time. Has had a long-standing crush on his boss' daughter, Maria, before finally admitting it too her and spending the night with her. More than anything, Marc loves to drive his bike and pilot his jet, and is most happy when doing so. Everyone hopes that his relationship with Maria and impending fatherhood will force Marc to finally grow up.
L.O.C.I. by Tramp-Graphics
Buccaneer Industries L.O.C.I. (Long-range Off-road Combat Interceptor)

A high-tech, high-speed, armored combat monster recumbent motorcycle designed for Special Operations units for long range scouting and interception. With a 96" wheelbase, Hub-Center Steering forkless front suspension, 700 horse-power liquid-cooled 1500 cc in-line 6 cylinder engine, and twin turbine boosters, this bike can reach speeds almost impossible for a niorman person to handle without hard armor. Add in the twin linked 7.62 mm miniguns and rocket packs, as well as built in conscious Tactical Artificial Intelligentce, this monster bike is a devastating weapon for any mission. 

Top Speed: 282 mph, 456 mph with boosters  Acc/Dec: 36 mph/60 mph

Crew: 1                                                          Range: 1000 km/600 miles
Pasengers: 1                                                   Cargo: 1 space (100 kg) each side pod
Maneauver: +1                                              Body SDP: 48 (Body 2)
SP: 24 (Armor 1)                                           Type: Motorcycle
Wheels/Treads SDP: 8/16 (Body 0/1)             Wheels/Treads SP: 24 (armor 1)
Mass: 550 kg                                                Cost: $1, 023, 450.66

Special Equipment:
Fully Off-road capable with Silent Running, heavily treaded tires (no speed loss off road) Overcharged In-line 6 cylinder engine, Superheavy Haydraulics, Twin Jet Turbine Booser pods, Heavy Duty Brakes, Desert and Arctic Protection, Stereo, Anti-theft, Spotlight (200m), Design/Decor (+3 Cool), Sensor/Communications system (Navigation system, light amplifiers, diagnostics, Military grade RADAR Decetctor, Military Grade RADAR (400km range), 500 km Range radio (with backups), Advanced Sensor Package, Military Grade Targeting Analyzer, Radio/RADAR Analyzer, Spot RADAR), Built-in Self-Aware AI (INT: 7, REF 7, DEX: 7, COOL: 7, WILL: 7, 10 Skill Portfolio at lvl 7 each), Ejection Seats (2), Smokescreen (2)

Weapons:                                  TYPE WA  CON  AVAIL  DAMAGE  SHOTS  ROF  REL LOCATION
Linked 7.62 mm Miniguns (x2)  HVY    -1    N      P        6D6+2    2000    100   VR   Fixed External Mounts
2.75" Rocket Packs (x2)             HVY  +3    N      P        8D10      6 ea.     1       VR   L/R Pods
I am not feeling good right now. I broke my left shoulder last night, and, what makes it worse is I'm left-handed. It's an upper humeral head fracture, and, as a result, I can't move my upper arm at all.

Update time.

It's two weeks in and it is getting better—slowly. It's a greater tuberocity fracture (a small part of the bone on the outside of the humerus head where most of the muscles and tendons attach). Luckily, there was no displacement of the two fragments that broke off. I'm supposed to start passive pendulum swing therapy at home on Tuesday, with my first actual physical therapy session on Thursday. Most of the bruising is gone too. My whole bicep was black and blue. There is still the chance that there is tendon damage in the rotator cuff. There's almost certainly some muscle damage. I won't know to what extent until they do an MRI, and they won't do that until the bone is healed, so that there is a solid anchor for the muscles and tendons. It's gonna be a loooooong recovery.


Well, Four weeks in and the bone is healing nicely and I'm out of the immobilizer and into a normal sling. My range of movement is increasing too and I can now move my shoulder some without too much risk. I should be out of the sling in the next four weeks.


I'm finally out of the sling. The bone is pretty much healed, so now it's all about the rotator cuff getting better and stronger (if there's no serious soft tissue damage). I'm getting an MRI done some time within the next month to see if the tendons and muscles are damaged too bad.


I'm a little late with this update, but...
I went to see my Orthopedist last week, and finally got the results of the MRI. I do not need surgery. Thank God. w00t! 
That being said, there is some minor fraying and some sight tearing to two of the tendons. Luckily, they're very minor and not all the way through. I will have them the rest of my life, though. I even saw the scarring from my old Bursitis. While My orthopedist expects me to regain full range of motion, I will likely always have some pain in my shoulder for the rest of my life. My work restrictions have been lessened too. I'm now cleared to do some light pushing and pulling with my left arm, and my weight lifting restriction has gone from 5 lbs to 15 lbs. I still can't do any overhead work though.

Anyway, I still have a long way to go, but slowly, it's getting better bit by bit. My next appointment isn't until October.  Expect a new update then.


Well, I had my final Orthopedist visit on the 21st, and I'm off restrictions as of 1 November. The bones and tendons are pretty much as healed as they're going to get, and there is no danger of damaging them more from normal activity. I do still need to build up my strength. I have about 85% range of motion now in my left shoulder, which is more than I expected to get back. There is still a chance I'll regain more range of motion, but I'm doubtful. I am getting a new compression sleeve to provide extra support for my shoulder when working, and am looking forward to that.
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Michael J. Trampert
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer from the Buffalo, NY area, and have spent the past few years working with a co-op of printers, photographers and artists called Virtual Art. I have Associate Degrees in Cartooning and Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Bryant & Stratton College respectively. I work primarily in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, as well as traditional artistic media, and have access to full printing and pre-press services.

I'm taking commissions --private or for businesses-- to do illustrations, graphic design, cartooning, etc. I can also design corporate logos, stationary, page layouts, ads, package designs, comic books, book covers, and character renderings. 

You will find my rates very reasonable. All work is quoted on a per job basis.

I will send proofs of all work for approval or changes and an invoice to be sent upon completion of the work.
All work must be paid for prior to delivery.
I accept Paypal

Current Residence: Buffalo, NY
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Celtic folk rock,
Operating System: Mac OS X

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